Know the faces behind the brand!

Welcome to all our lovely customers and followers. We are so excited to have our website up and running. We hope you are liking what you see so far.

Before we delve into the big world of blogging about different topics we thought we would introduce ourselves properly. 

The two names behind the brand are Ashton and Zaara. We are cousins who one day decided that we would really love to design and produce baby clothing. We started back in 2016 with the idea to hand draw designs that would then be transferred on to garments. This eventually got some customers enquiring for personalised items. From then on, personalisation has been one of our main aims. We have loved working with mamas to create the perfect item for their little ones and can’t wait to do even more! 

You have probably seen two little ones that keep popping up on our feed. These are Zaara and her husband Ikh’s babies, Aliyah, 2 1/2years  and Eesa only 11 weeks old! They all live together in their 3 bedroom house with 3 little fishes named Mummy, Daddy and Aliyah (we wonder who named them. Aha!). Zaara is an accounts manager who is on mat leave so be prepared for lots of insta stories featuring her beautiful family. 

Ashton is a full time beautician working in the family run hair and beauty salon. She has recently got married to her husband  Waqas and currently live together in a cosy studio flat awaiting their next step in their journey together. 

Thank you for taking time to read about the faces behind the brand. We hope to inform you of our journey every step of the way. 

Please take the time to have a look through our website because every purchase made to a small or local business puts a smile on our faces ( maybe a little happy dance too! ) 


Sending love and happiness your way,

Ashton and Zaara xx

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