How to Be Stylish Yet Comfortable by Zaara Hijabi Mum of Two

How to be stylish yet comfortable.
By Zaara hijabi mum of two!

Let's face it you'd love to feel amazing walking out in your comfies, no make up on and your hair in a messy bun! (I feel you) I always wanted to be that girl. Not many women can do that and feel great, and to those that do I applaud you! (kinda wanna be you too)

Maybe you're that hijabi girl wondering where all the cute, but comfy and modest clothes are hiding? (this was also me)
Now I'm a mum of two small children as well so I'm always trying to look good but feel super comfy. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in what your wearing while also dealing with a toddler meltdown while you're out and about.

Good news people.. Comfy clothes are actually really trendy!

Let's start at the basics. Working with what you have. Keep what you feel comfortable in! I go through and 'charity' my wardrobe probably monthly (crazy I know) if you can relate to this you'll also know that the charity bag stays in the house or the car for a further few weeks before it makes it to the charity shop (I've normally added one or two more bags by then) anyhow, bag up things you don't feel comfortable in rather than things that are just old, fashion repeats itself so you're better off keeping the golden oldies that you feel good in. So, daily.. If it doesn't feel comfortable bag it up! Need to trendy something up? Add jewellery, its always a winner. Top tip: Spend more on your statement pieces such as jackets, printed items and accessories than you do on your actual day to day outfits and spruce them up per trend. (learnt that when I was a styling assistant back in the day)

Next.. The feels. If it feels too tight, too big, irritating, or you can't get it on and off in about 3 seconds. It's not a keeper.

More good news guys !! There are so many stylish knits, sweats, tees, dresses and stretchy fabrics out there that we don't need to worry. So have a staple look and own it! For me, day to day a pair of jeans possibly with a ripped ankle length hem, a pull on knit or sweat that covers my bum with a trendy roll neck, slogan or print detail is my main look. It's sleek, comfy, stylish and I can dress it up with jewelery and small chunky heels or down with a pair of trainers or flats. (heels are for very rare special occasions only) with footwear stick to black and nude tones that go with everything. You can go from day to night without blisters!

Next.. Shopping, when buying new clothes I stick to the same few places. I don't want to overwhelm myself so my go tos for non fussy very comfortable stylish pieces are normally H&M, New Look, Zara and Nelly and Me. They have the best pull on or full length pieces, jumpers, tees, knits, dresses all comfy and on trend. For those of you that need more comfy coverage, New Look have a good range of basics that you can layer up with minimal effort required. A good roll neck under a shift dress works wonders and you won't be pulling at it all day long! I stick to a colour pallette that I'm comfy with too, you guessed it.. Black.. Then grey, khaki, navy, tan, beige and white. Spice it up seasonally if you want a colour that pops. But make sure you feel comfortable in it.

So the key is to feel good. You should be able to wear your outfit without fiddling with it.If it's difficult to get on and off don't buy it! Keep what you feel comfortable in stick to what you know, use a colour pallette that works for you. Accessorise!! Use statement pieces. Comfy clothes are trendy so enjoy them!

Whats your staple look?

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Next blog post coming soon touching on how to go from one to two babies!

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